Friday, 19 August 2011

You won't produce great work while you're angry

This blog below by Seth Godin just popped up in my inbox and I thought I'd share it with the group. Wise words indeed. I guess we should try to avoid getting all 'wound-up' so we can produce great work more often. Or at least, we should avoid trying to produce great work while we're angry.  

"Is your anger is killing your art?

It's rare to find a consistently creative or insightful person who is also an angry person.*

They can't occupy the same space, and if your anger moves in, generosity and creativity often move out. It's difficult to use revenge or animus to fuel great work.

Ironically, when you decide to teach someone a lesson they richly deserve, you often end up strangling the very source you were counting on.

(*Angry is not the same as being a jerk. For some reason, there are plenty of creative jerks--I think because they mistakenly believe that being a jerk is a useful way for some people to wrestle with their lizard brains)."