Thursday, 5 January 2012

3 ways to get a job with a small company

Most of the job losses in recent years has been from the biggest organisations. These days, your best chance of getting hired is often to target the small guys. When pitching your case to smaller companies, often you'll be dealing with the business owners (rather than HR Managers in larger organisations), which requires an all together different strategy to get you noticed.

Small businesses are extremely risk adverse and that's your opportunity to step in. Here's a few good ideas that will significantly increase your employment odds:
  1. Contribute to sales & marketing - small companies need people who can sell & spread the word. Whatever your primary skill set, offer to make sales calls, produce newsletters or write website content no cost. Everyone has sold something inside or outside of work. You can contribute to this essential function.  
  2. Forget the 9-5 - come in early/leave late and demonstrate that you will readily work extra hours to consistently deliver quality work ahead of time.
  3. Try me out - in a difficult market, people are risk adverse. Offer to work a week trial at no cost, to prove your value to the business.
Demonstrate that you contribute more than you cost!