Wednesday, 22 May 2013

8 more reasons why you Didn't get the Job

1. Someone else was more qualified
At another time, you may have been the ideal hire, but this time, there was someone better qualified than you. It's out of your control, don't worry about it. Some jobs get many applicants these days and many well qualified people get rejected. Keep going.
2. You weren't qualified enough
The irrelevance of most applications to clearly stated job requirements never ceases to surprise me. Take time to understand the essential requirements stated on the job description, then match those against your own skill set. Consider picking up the phone to the recruiter to ask clarification if you're unsure. Be honest - is there a good match?
3. You weren't the right 'fit'
Regardless of your ability to do the job, if the interviewer thinks that your personality/behavior might 'clash' with the people you'd be working with, or if they didn't gel with you for any reason, you'll get rejected. Unless you've displayed negative behavior / body language in the interview, don't worry about it. It's out of your control. Move on.
5. You didn't 'sell' yourself
State compelling reasons why you will excel at the job, giving examples of previous work, quantified by measured achievements. You wouldn't hire a person you didn't do this. Neither will they. Try to get more prepared next time, using this experience as a learning exercise. 
6. You annoyed the interviewer or created the wrong first impression
Turning up late, scruffy appearance, phone bleeping, checking your watch, wandering eyes, too much cologne, limp handshake, asking about money / benefits too early, being too pushy, calling too quickly or too often after the interview asking for feedback, and so on. These types of behaviors are a sure-fire turn off.
7. You lack enthusiasm
Don't overdo it and don't look desperate, but prospect employers need to feel that you're genuinely interested in the job you're being assessed for. 
8. The Job no longer exist
Someone internally may have taken the job, the hire requisition may not have been signed off, the project may have been cancelled. Things change, it's out of your control, don't worry about it.